Glorisa superba seeds

We are engaged in supplying and exporting Glorisa superba seeds that are extracted from the plants of genus colchium .These seeds contains certain natural chemicals,colchicin&colchicoside that are being investigatedfor their  use in anti cancer drugs .These chemical compounds are also effective against  rheumatic fever,Mediterranean fever and gout arthritis Glorisa superba is a species of flowering plant  the family Colchicaceae.English language common names include flame lily, climbing lily.creeping lily, glory lily ,glorisa lily ,tiger claw ,and fire lily. The alkaloid-rich plant has long been used as a traditional mrdicine in  many culture .in general this plant is common in the wild .It is in great demand for medical use ,so its cultivated on farms in India,but most plant material sold in to the pharmaceutical comes from wild populations. (uses) .1Glorisa superba is used for treating a wide range of human ailments throughout the tropics .2It is a cure against leprosy,colics,chronic,ulcers,haemorrhoids,skinparasites,head lice and tumours (Features) .1Anti cancer drugs .2Free from contamination .3Excellent quality

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